Digital Clean Up

I am in the midst of my digital clean up and it feels so good. It feels good to go through the crazy amount of data I have accumulated and re-organizing them, deleting what I do not use and condensing the amount of digital data I have racked up over the years.

It is a tedious tedious process to align everything after branching out haphazardly over the years. I have deleted email accounts and accounts to sites which I hardly use like Dropbox and Neopets. Omg. Neopets was the shizz when I was younger.

Feels good. Alright. Back to it.

Toodles strangers in the world, wish you good rest and hearty laughs.


12 April 2018

I wonder if I have already posted this and am posting it again. Oh well. Who reads this anyway?

Eloquence I have lost,
When trying to write words,
To describe the strangeness I feel,
Which replaces your absence.

You’ll find someone more deserving,
Much more better they say,
Firstly I have lost confidence in that,
Secondly, what if I am not the one who deserves here.

I’m starting to feel that people get more selfish,
As they get older, as a way to protect themselves,
But isn’t it supposed to be the other way round,
Where you are bursting with life and love and everything beautiful.

People make mistakes,
People aren’t perfect, they never will be,
That doesn’t stop us from growing and learning,
And will that ever be given a second chance?

I feel stupid standing, with my heart still open,
Waiting to get schooled by the world to believe in the conditional,
I can keep myself busy, working on myself,
I guess if I keep looking, I will never find it.