Veganism + Women’s Health Talk

I went for this talk recently, which talked about veganism and how it related to health. It was a talk more inclined towards women because the talk ventured into the topic of periods. Other then that part, the talk was pretty gender neutral.

Documenting some things I learnt.

The talk was held by Dr Nitu Bajekal – GYN OB. Founder of Women for Women’s Health.

The people who live the longest as proven by fact – their diet consists of grains, vegetables and fruits. Eg: Okinawa, Japan (World’s highest number of centenarians)

Hara Hachi Bu – Confucian teaching which instructs people to eat until they are 80% full.
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Vegan vs Whole Foods Plant Based (very close to nutritarian diet – no oil, less sodium)
Vegan is a lifestyle – Support no animal abuse, ethical reasons, compassion, veganism extends till non-eatable products such as shampoos, conditioners, lotions, make up etc.

WFPB is a choice of diet – could be because of health, problems, autoimmune conditions make you want to move to WFPB diet. It is a choice of diet for believers who for a fact know science is out there to back this choice.

Whole foods? – Fibre kept in, in their natural packaging.
Eg: Grapes (WF) vs Wine (processed)
Within 3 weeks, energy increases
Fruits have no calorie count. You can eat as many fruits as you want.
Whenever you are going to have fats and sugar (doughnuts, cake and other types of dessert for eg), think of it as giving up an opportunity to eat no calorie counting fruits.
Health benefits of WFPB diets are tremendous.

SOY – if you are eating more than 5-10 servings of soy a day, then you have a problem. If not, no problem. Soy, rajm, etc. are estrogen mimicking genes.

Mock meats are processed plant based materials. Whole foods would be having soy beans instead.

Amaranth is a grain – staple food of the Aztecs.

Circle of Wellness – Nutrition, Sleep, Exercise, Mind & Soul, Community, Life Purpose

Exercise won’t help you lose weight. It is your diet. Exercise, however, is super good for endorphins release, muscle tone, increase strength and stamina

Dr Nitu Bajekal Huffington Posts

She talks about how it is not necessary to have periods every month and you can take the pill back to back. Have to read up more on that for sure.

Veganism + Pregnancy – Yes! In fact your unborn child will benefit a lot.

PCOS – what is it? refer to links above

Cervical Cancer is spread through intercourse. Need to get HPV vaccines if I don’t have it yet.

Painful Periods – what causes the pain?
Prostaglandin cause the pain. Ibuproden, neurofen counter the prostaglandin. If you know pain is going to occur when you have your periods, have the ibuprofen or neurofen before the pain starts. Perhaos even the night before. Not after the pain has started. It will take longer for the ibuprofen to work because the prostaglandin has already been released.

Sugar is not the cause of diabetes. It is fats. Analogy – The cell needs sugar to work. When sugar travels through our bloodstreams to the cells to be used, they have to enter the cell. Fats block the glucose from entering, cause the blood glucose level to rise, causing diabetes. But if you counter the fats, then, the cells will constantly break down the sugar.

HIIT – Make the cells sensitive to open the door to burn the glucose. You can;t exercise too much. Weight training is key for good health. Weight training helps bone building. Swimming helps everything else.

A glass of wine has 12% carcinogens.

EAT THE RAINBOW in every meal.

When you start on this new diet, the stomach microbiomes will take a while to create a new environment. Hing might help counter the bloating. It takes 3 months for the stomach microbiomes to change if you change your diet.

Key supplements –
Vit B12 2500micgrams a week
Vit D30 2000IU daily
Omega 3 (algae derived) EPA & DHA (SALMON is not the most efficient of Omega 3 source. it is the highest tier in the food chain, which means the Omega 3 levels are much much lower compared to eating the fish which directly eats the algae OR the algae itself)