Today’s ponderings

What is the purpose of humankind?
Existence seems like another calibre of thought altogether.
I am starting to think that, assuming spirituality is the way to adopt, then our ‘purpose’ could be to continuously keep taking births until we reach enlightenment. And does that mean if we reach the highest level of enlightenment, we will then merge with universal consciousness and no longer take human birth again? But if I were to become enlightened, there could be a huge possibility that I retake birth again and just my perception/my consciousness will be higher. Keep enjoying this birth rebirth cycles. Just going through each life as it comes and goes. Hahahahaha that’s really odd to think about. Like.. This little activity is happening in this manner in the universe. What the hell is going on? We are a cluster of human life able to see the world is a subjective way. Anything and everything else is objective. Blessing or hell? Hahahah I do not know. It’s strange. Such beautiful strangeness happening.

So I was thinking of posting this status because it’s kinda funny, yeah: “Do you know what I am looking forward to this weekend: Sleeping without an alarm. THAT’S RIGHT.”

About being tired. Being more adult and tired. I look at these people in the train. Yknow how when something becomes routine, it gets boring and repetitive. Life is become repetitive for each and every one of us. Work has become repititive, getting up with an alarm etc. Everything. I wondered, this is not it should be feeling to grow older. I shouldnt be feeling wear and tear. I should be feeling more and more ecstatic. Cause I’m enabling the capability of experiencing so much more as I grow older. Perhaps if I started doing something I enjoy, partaking in activities I truly enjoy, I could genuinely be able to see the spark in the repititive, perhaps.

Just thoughts.