Spending all my time dwelling, 

On what if’s and what nots, 

It’s a process I believe I need, 

Wonder if it’s a good process at all. 

Dreaming on and on, 

And that’s all good, 

But when you get so stuck on the dreaming,

Execution seems that much harder. 

I look at myself and I see a blithering, deteriorating idiot,

As I see inspiration but no motivation, 

And I spend all this time, 

Thinking of unlimited insincere possibilities, 

What is the point? 

Embrace the life that you’ve been bestowed and forget about dreaming so much, 

Because it will hurt you day by day, little by little,

As you do not take the steps necessary to move forward,

And you stay stuck in the dreaming oblivion

That is something nobody wants, 

I don’t want it for myself either, 

Get out there, be kind, be love, be free, 

And just do things, just do it. 

There is no point in pondering and wondering where there is no strength to take the step forward, 

Find realistic grounds and levels, and stay put for a while, 

Settle into your new goals before you spread your wings too far and they break, 

Don’t bite more than you can chew, 

Focus on things one by one, little by little

Take it day by day and things will be okay