Where ‘I’ am, where am ‘I’

Many a times when words are written by these hands, they are of contempt, anger, sadness, unfairness, misery, ill emotions or feelings. So many posts are sprinkled with ‘I’s. Though it is so hard to write without the ‘I’, but, what about the boredom? Bored of using that particular term, as it brings the attention to the ‘I’ and somehow creates anger as the posts are negative or aggressive in nature. Shifting the focus there, removes quickly the understanding of the surroundings of this ‘I’ in the prose. Though nothing of much important is being talked about, isn’t it noticeable that the attention in this prose is more healthily spread out than compared to using that single letter. It sounds difficult when written into words like this, hopefully my future self will understand what is meant.

For a reference, I would like to create this example.

“Many a times when I write words, they are of contempt, misery, ill emotions or feelings. I find it very hard to write without the ‘I’, in fact I am doing it this very moment. Gosh, I am so bored of using ‘I’ because I think it brings the attention to the ‘I’ much more strongly and somehow creates a more identified viewpoint, which is maybe negative and maybe even aggressive? I feel like the more I use the ‘I’s, even while I am typing, my attention is very much fixed on the ‘I’s. As a reader, what about you? Do you see the difference in the energy of this paragraph compared to the one above. Somehow, I see it.  I am not talking about anything important, but do you think the attention is evenly, healthily spread out here? OH! ‘I’ is then accompanied by ‘you’.”

What thoughts, what say?