Written: January 2014
Published: July 2014
Not completed. Let’s leave it as it is.

Newcastle -> Sunderland -> London -> Liverpool -> Manchester -> Newcastle

29th November 2013 – 10th December 2013

I picked up stones, plucked leaves, pinched leaflets, pieces of pieces.

Anything from the grounds on which I paraded. Only as a memory down the years but more importantly, to not forget.

Or rather, to remember.

I tried to take ‘artistic’ pictures, in order to convey the awe I experienced. Well, taking an artistic shot has a long way to go. The scenes were so picturesque that even a bad picture could go a long way in justifying the scene.

Also, a picture would never relate to the beauty quite organically as the sense of sight. Right? (I’m trying to rhyme, get my flow on)

Alone (in the beginning at least), in a new country. Quite the excite if you ask me. Alone, but not lonely.

One of things which made it special was meeting some old friends. Just brought everything together. It got placed, perfectly.

I would like to do more trips to be honest. Maybe alone sometime. That would be gold.

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