Whatsapp Is Evil

I believe, personally, Whatsapp is evil.
Why, would you ask? Well simply because, it is.
I will take people my age as part of my theory, because I relate to them the most. 
The world is devoured by the concept of instant gratification. We want everything fast. When the internet is slower than usual, we complain. It’s a part of our culture now, instant gratification. 
Alright, let’s talk about my batch of people. Early twenties. You would agree with me, this is the phase where the young blood is trying to understand themselves as people, they are searching for things externally. Relationships, experiences, travelling etc. The generation cuurently wants answers – outside of their internal self. With the search, comes anticipation and with anticipation comes expectation. 
Let’s bring things into perspective. Compare Emails and Facebook inbox. Which one do you expect a faster reply from? Now, Facebook inbox and Texts? And now Texts and Whatsapp? 
I hope you see where I am getting at. The fact that Whatsapp has those double ticks and when the person was last online. Hahaha. And be it whatever, work, school, partner, family etc.. You whatspp someone regarding something important..eg: work. The people reads is..you know they have read it. And they haven’t replied. There is a reason you used Whatsapp – it’s cause you expect a fast reply. And the person doesn’t reply. It does nothing but adds onto your misery. Oh – why is she not replying? Ignoring me? Omg this is important, reply bitch. Why is he not replying? But he has definitely read it..why hasnt he replied. Did I say something wrong?
Im pretty someone in your friend circle has complained before: Dude fuck, they saw my whatsapp messages and didnt reply for fucking 2 hours and I was so restless during that time.
Okay, STFU.
If it was not something you are expecting a fast reply from, you immediately chill out. Like emails. Like fuck that, they will reply someday, Imma do my thing. You give the benefit of doubt to the reader of ‘maybe they have not read it’ and ‘they will definitely reply one day or the other’. 
(Quoting hobbit: 
hope you’ll respond one day as well :-P
Until then, take care!)
It is immediately a more chilled out, relaxed state of mine. Because you have done your part and now you are not able know what is happening on their side and because of which you are able to give them the benefit of the doubt. 
My point is, I think it is evil. For not only does it feed you the illusion of instant gratification, but it also fuels your misery when it does no comply to your expectations (due to external factors). You build up on your own misery. And ain’t nobody got time fo dat!

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