Yes, I used that word. Updates. ‘Let’s update my online blog with the new ebbs of happenings in my life.’
Let’s update it like the excel sheet and formulas I am currently working with. Goodness gracious me. What was once an inquisitive, creative little network of blood vessels, has now degraded to this..concrete frozen rock made from earth and it is quite hard to break it down into deposits. LAWL. Life. I look at children now a days and I am jealous. ‘Hey kid, at least your brain is not becoming more..standardized or directed.’

Anyway updates on my life, from myself, to myself.

I swear, these entries are the only thing which will provide me with the sanity I need when I start losing my memory in the far future. I see this happening quite vividly. I am quite forgetful aye, can’t last through a bloody drinking game which requires me to remember things. It is either (a) there are wayyyyy too many thoughts running through my mind that I need time to shift them all aside to get to the one memory I need to execute an action (b) I am really losing bits and pieces of my memory.

Well, these and my cute little diaries shall help me through. 
It is a little creepy to say, but feels like some lonely version of ‘The Notebook’. LOL. Allah!

Alright: getting back in da zone.

1) Laneway
So laneway was interesting. The ending was quite..trippy. I don’t know whether it was the body was reacting to the alcohol intake over 12 hours, or, I walked past a group of hippies smoking up and breathed in their smoke. As the clock struck midnight, boy, was I tripping balls? I was asking for answer which I did not have questions for?! Mental much? Oh, did I also add, I was convinced I was lesbian. 
On the other hand: The artists were good.

2) The frequent down low
I had my down low moment after. I was down..in the dungeons. I even convinced myself I have an attention deficit disorder :D I was CONVINCED. There was no backing away that was mentally ill. Just no..no other way to look at it. Did I also mention that sometimes people with attention problems, yes, they cannot concentrate on some things for more than a limited amount of time. But they also do the exact opposite. Pay immense/ unnatural amount of attention to a certain thought and that thought could consume you. HMM, SOUNDS VERY MUCH LIKE ME AYE?
You see what is happening here? THOUGHT-CEPTION. Which probably even I would not understand in the future. Whoot. Good lyfe.

3) Work overload. 
Well to be honest, that shit just never ends. The emails just never end. I don’t think I am capable of handling so much work. COUPLED WITH MY ATTENTION SPAN, I might as well blow the office up with rage. Muahah.  Let’s not talk about work.

4) Fail date in the middle
So, I ditched my friends for a date with a overly hyper monkey? Okay, I like monkeys, I don’t love them though. Weirdly enough, he vaguely reminded me of me. I was quite a hyper monkey when I was younger. I would ask so many questions not because I was genuinely interested, I used to just ask to prompt conversation so that the other person talks and it makes them feel like they know me for a long time.. and I do not have to put in that much effort. This little monkey who would jump around on first dates only to show that I am a really fun person and you should totally get to know me. 
I realised I was quite a pretentious chut when younger, but still got me the friends I needed. I don’t know. Just was a fail.

ALRIGHT, BEST PART SO FAR. So, I slept over at Meera’s place and we spent most of the time in silence. Watching movies or videos. And it was so good. We had our funny moments, but we didn’t talk much, unless we went down for a fag or took a walk. We had a two day sleepover, and we watched so many shows, it was good. I really enjoyed the quiet, comfortable, not too loud, not too hyper time together. We watched Frozen, Up and Brother Bear! Ah, such magic. And agreed with Meerkat, I think Frozen did address many issues that previous Disney movies did not address. It was a nice shift of things.


Kay, that’s on the updates. Im not much inspired to write about a certain thing. Once I do get some inspiration, bangggg sonnn! You wouldnt know what hit you!