To my special people..

One day, I shall wake up in Bali.

One day, I would  say ‘I know you do’ instead of an ‘I love you.’

One day, I would say, ‘I love you too.’

One day, I will find myself in complete of awe of the essence of just feeling the moment

One day, I’d be huge. Big. Indestructable.

One day, I’d feel small, invisible.

One day, I will make you smile in the smallest of ways.

One day, you will make me laugh till my tummy hurts.

One day, I will be smoking up by myself, laughing at myself.

One day, I will be smoking up with tons of people around me.

One day, I’d write a book of the greatest stories ever told

One day, I’d ingrain you into pages which time can’t hold.

One day, I’d listen to your stories with a listening ear.

One day, I’d tell my stories not caring for anyone to hear.

One day, I’d sleep under the stars without a stress.

One day, I’d break down because of I don’t what’s happening next.

One day, I’d be in the limelight carassesing the attention.

One day, I’d wanna be alone with you, taking in your existence.

One day, I hope to be really unquantifiably happy.

One day, I’d like to see you next to me, laughing, sharing the joy with me.

I have a small group of special people. And I love them, all, very much. I love them all individually. They are so beautiful in their own ways, I cannot explain. I see my reflection in them, not because they remind me of me, but because I have taken something from them, without them noticing. I have learnt something small from everyone of them and for that I am grateful.

Much love,