Tipsy #1

Im transitioning.

I used to be the person to talk to the masses.

Now, the funny thing is, i am.

And yet I am not.


In the deepest darkest corner.

I like being alone.

Very alone. With my thoughts.

My actions. My consequences.


And yet I am not.


I like to amongst people.

I like to talk. To joke. To laugh.

In my deepest darkest corner

That I like to be alone,

Yet share that alone-ness with someone.

Now, there’s a difference between lonliness and alone-ness.

That’s the ‘yet’ I am addressing.

I like being extremely alone with myself.

And yet, I seek that balance.

Everything needs that balance.

Alone-ness and togetherness.

Yes, there are moments…

Where I want to be untouched, un- talked to

And then there are moments where I want to be in the centre of the limelight.

The confusion confuzzles me

And yet, I understand.

See, what I mean?

Everything, everywhere there is a balance.

I think I’m selfish now.

Wanting to isolated when I WANT TO.

Talk to people when I WANT TO.

Selfish, if you ask me, to the other party.

THEN AGAIN, THE BALANCE- talk if you want to talk to me.. Ill listen.

If i dont wanna talk, I wont..

If I wanna reply, I will.


Okay, I should go to sleep.

That shit cray.