time, or no time?


“the only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once” 

shrad thinking process: this would probably be a thought process which has possibly skipped integral concepts, or factors. maybe, i’m even wrong. but, this is what came to mind when i first read the quote.

Time prevents everything from happening at once. it sort of gives all the events due to happen, a schedule. almost like a cue. ‘it’s your time on stage now’.

well, thank goodness for Father Time aye? if not for time, everything will happen at once. we’ll see everything on a 4-dimensional plane. we’ll see people as ‘human snakes’. from the time of their birth to their death. all the infinite transitions.

Sir Terry Pratchett puts it in one of his books- ‘they haven’t found a term to describe what we see in 4-D, and when they do, we’ll understand better.’

so i’m guessing we’ll see people as timelines, like the ones they show on the bottom on the screen when you use Windows Movie Maker while editing a video.

i’m also assuming it happens with events. they happen all at once. snap.

this is where i’m still trying to comprehend things. if all events happen at once, will it possible for me to be at two places at once? i’m guessing, yes? sitting at home watching a movie while at the same time out with a friend. or even dancing in a club. that sort sounds like i’ll have clones of me all over the place.

will night and day not be defined anymore? since, time is what defines the coming of day and the going of night. will they intertwine to give us some purple coloured sky with teal stars. never changing? i don’t know. 

also, since everything is happening at once, will we live; grow and die in an instant? if there is ‘no’ time and everything happens at the same time (LOL. the usage of word amuses me), won’t our births, our progressive journey supposedly defined with time and our deaths be instantaneous? a split second where all my clones break free, deploy themselves for the different incidents and events occuring throughout my life and then, whoosh. dead. gone. non-existent? 

irony, because even that split second and that one ‘instant’, is still the passing of time.

so wait, what? what does happen?

if that’s the case, there is plausibly a parallel universe where time is not a constant. and since, everything happens at once, doesn’t that mean everything is pre-determined?

if for a period of time, hypothetically speaking, time isn’t a constant and everything did happen at once. won’t the events of tomorrow happen now; at the same time. and then, time becomes a constant again. but i’ll already have seen what happens tomorrow. and probably the next day and the next and the next..you get the drift.

so, basically though in the present i have no idea what’s gonna happen tomorrow, it is pre-determined? set. in some parallel universe, i have already done what i was supposed to do tomorrow. maybe even dead. done all that i’m gonna do eventually in due time; here, now. so much for piloting and designing your own life. maybe i’m not considering the 6th and 7th dimension stuff. honestly, it gets mindraping after a certain dimension.  

maybe i’m missing something. i probably even have contradicted myself somewhere. but this is what really came to mind. 

i cannot imagine to have lived only a split second. it’s like i never really happened. it’s like we never really happened. if not for time.